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Amara’s Story

Hi! My name is Amara. I’ve dedicated my life to sourcing the highest quality ingredients from outlets across the world to give you the best essentials oils available. I want to let you know about Amara Essential Oil’s value as a company and what type of work is put into bringing Amara Essential Oils to your bathroom shelf or your living room diffuser. I’ve enjoyed essential oils for decades, and my biggest hope is to pass on a great product so you can experience those same benefits, too.

Sourcing Amara Essential Oils

My aim is to only use the highest-quality ingredients in all Amara Essential Oils. Let’s face it, many companies view essential oils as nothing more than a quick way to cash in on the rising popularity of something new. This cash-grab has saturated the market with low-quality essential oils that come from low-quality sources. These essential oils lack depth, scent, and the benefits that come from using essential oils in the first place. In the worst cases, some cheaper essential oils may harm you or contain damaging ingredients.

The best ingredients for essential oils come from the best sources and I have dedicated my life to finding those sources and the people that inhabit them. I have traveled the world to visit the sources for my essential oils and have been everywhere from India to South America, to North Africa to find the highest quality and ingredients – and the people that make them sing.

Many of the plants and botanicals utilized in Amara Essential Oils come from family-owned and operated farms, groves, and gardens. Sourcing ingredients on small-scale leads to better quality control which you experience every time you open a new bottle of Amara Essential Oils. You can find what part of the world your essential oil comes from right on the bottle.

Amara Cares About Your Health

Essential oils have been used in medicine for hundreds of years, and the western world is only now finding out that simple treatments straight from mother nature may be best. We don’t claim that essential oils will cure any illness or that they will change your life overnight, but essential oils are undoubtedly good for you when used properly. Many oils have been studied in scientific journals and laboratories across the globe.

If you’ve tried essential oils before and didn’t notice a difference in your life, it might not be a problem with essential oils, but with the essential oils you’re using. Low-quality oils don’t contain as many beneficial compounds compared to high-quality essential oils. Low-quality oils or oils packaged improperly will also denature more quickly, leaving you with a dull, useless oil.

When you use high-quality ingredients, it’s much easier to get the benefits provided by so many different essential oils. Since I’ve dedicated time to find the best ingredients for my oils, you know you’ll be better able to receive the benefits of oils when you use Amara products. While most essential oils are safe, you should always make sure you’re using the oil properly and check with your primary physician.

So that’s a little about me and my essential oils! I look forward to people enjoying essential oils and the places that these oils have journeyed from. I’m dedicated to helping my customers experience the full benefits of essential oils so if you ever have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to reach out to me through our contact page. From me to you, have the highest-quality and richest essential oil experience possible with Amara Essential Oils.