3 Ways to Apply Essential Oils

They’ve been around for centuries, but essential oils have recently become popular in the US. If you’re new to essential oils, you might be curious about what makes them so popular and how you can use them. Here’s some basic knowledge about how essential oils are used.

3 Ways to Apply Essential Oils and Benefit From Them


An essential oil is the essence of a plant, and you can spread that essence through your entire home using a diffuser. While using essential oils in a diffuser is not a direct application you can receive many benefits of essential oils through aromatherapy alone. For example, peppermint essential oil can act as an expectorant and decongestant while still smelling great and making your home smell like the holidays.

There is an essential oil to use in the diffuser for almost any type of issue, condition or abnormality and the variety of smells among essential oils means you can make your blend of oils or find the essential oil that’s perfect for your situation.


Some essential oils contain antioxidant compounds and can act as an astringent or disinfectant, making essential oils great for topical use. Essential oils like tea tree may be used topically to treat skin conditions and irritations like acne or rashes, or they can be used in an everyday toning lotion like frankincense. You can make your bottle of “after-sun” spray with some carrier oil and your favorite citrus essential oil like orange oil.


Not all essential oils are safe for consumption, but many are. Essential oils like lime oil make the perfect addition to summer cocktails while you may use peppermint essential oil for a depth of flavor in your holiday cookies you won’t be able to find with any boxed kit. Always be certain that any essential oil you intend to consume is safe and meant for human consumption. It’s not a bad idea to speak with your primary physician if you plan on starting a regimen of ingesting essential oils either.

How do you apply essential oils? Though the diffuser, topically, or even by ingestion. Essential oils are safe and effective for a variety of uses but always be 100 percent certain the essential oil you’re using matches what you’re using it for.