5 Ways to Use Essential Oils

You’ve seen the ads, you’ve seen bottles at your friends’ homes, and your coworkers rave about it. You’re finally ready to use essential oils. You walk by the essential oil shelf and are immediately overwhelmed by the choices and selections. Where do you start? Essential oils are versatile, but there are basic uses that make them so popular. Let’s review five of the most popular ways to make use of essential oils.

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils During the Day


The most popular use for essential oils in the modern house is in aromatherapy. Essential oils smell good, yes, but rather than making your home smell great some essential oils may provide therapeutic benefits directly from the diffuser. For example, peppermint oil is a proven expectorant and decongestant which makes it useful in the diffuser during cold and flu season. An online search can tell you what oils to use for different benefits and scents.


Some essential oils contain astringent, nourishing, and anti-oxidant properties which make them perfect for topical application on the skin or hair. You can use cocoa essential oil for your homemade moisturizer, or you can use lime oil to tone the skin with a homemade daily lotion. Always check that your essential oil is appropriate for topical use.

Household Cleaner/Disinfectant

Some essential oils like lemon or tea tree contain powerful antimicrobial properties and can act as a disinfectant for cleaning both countertops and wounds. Use online resources to find recipes for household cleaners made from essential oils.

Medicinal Benefits

The medicinal benefits of essential oils are extensive and well documented over thousands of years. People use essential oils for internal conditions, external conditions, mental conditions, physical conditions, as preventative medicine, to treat symptoms of illness, and so much more. There is an essential oil for almost any malady. Always check with your physician before starting any essential oil medical regimen.


Some essential oils like peppermint, orange, or spearmint are appropriate for ingestion and may be utilized for both foods and drinks. You can use lime essential oil in your next cocktail or use clove essential oil to give your holiday cookies a flavor kick. Always be certain that the essential oil you’re using is appropriate for ingestion.

There are several ways to use essential oils, but these are five of the most popular in today’s world. You can only get the great benefits of essential oils by trying them yourself so look for essential oils at a reputable online supplier, like Amara, or local health store today.