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Essential Oils 101

Everyday Essential Oil Basics

Essential oils are the volatile compounds and oils locked into every plant and are the “essence” of the plant. When you isolate those oils, you are left with versatile and fragrant essential oils. While essential oils have been used for hundreds of years, there are a few basic ways essential oils are utilized in today’s world.


The most popular use of essential oils is in aromatherapy. You simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or several various kinds of essential oils in a blend to release whatever fragrance you want over your home. You can do a citrus scent with lime and orange oils in the summer or a holiday scent with clove and peppermint oils. Some choose simply to sprinkle the oils on their hands and inhale.


Many essential oils can be utilized as flavoring and fragrance agents in the kitchen. This includes baking, cooking, and preparing mixed drinks.

Cosmetics/Soaps/Cleaning Agents

Essential oils have unique properties that make them beneficial in cosmetic or dermatological applications. Sprinkling essential oils into your shampoo can give your hair more volume while another essential oil can be utilized in an everyday skin lotion to nourish and tone the skin.

Always double-check that the essential oil you’re using is safe for direct-to-skin contact and always start small.