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A rich, full-bodied essential oil with a scent that’s fruity, citrusy, fresh, and complex. Bergamot is the primary ingredient used to manufacture Earl Gray tea blends, and unlike other fruit-based essential oils, bergamot is extracted from near-ripe peels for a unique combination of scents and smells you won’t find in other oils.

Bergamot essential oil is also very popular in the diffuser for its mood-balancing and uplifting effects. Many pair bergamot with lavender at night in the diffuser to let the bergamot balance things out while the lavender’s sedative properties take care of the rest. Hey, new parents, bergamot can help calm irritation in small children and infants.

Other popular oils to blend bergamot with for a nighttime blend are lime, frankincense serrata, and orange. Natural bergamot is photo-sensitive to sunlight and is not recommended for direct application, especially if you plan on spending time outside or in the tanning bed.

Disclaimer: This essential oil is photosensitive, which means it interacts with light. Using this oil at night time, covering up after using it, and following label instructions will help you avoid negative reactions. Use this oil at your own risk.

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