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Cedarwood is derived from the majestic deodora cedar, which can grow to heights of 150 feet out of strong bases which can spread over forty feet at ground level. As you can imagine coming from a majestic conifer, the scent of cedarwood is considered earthy, woody, and can take your mind to the heights of the Himalayas where these giants live.

American Indians reportedly made use of cedarwood to help clear the nasal passages and lungs of phlegm and to help reduce symptoms of seasonal sickness. Cedarwood is still popular in aromatherapy for its invigoration to the lungs and nasal system. It’s antifungal properties also make cedarwood a popular essential oil for treating common fungus-related ailments like Athlete’s Foot and can calm symptoms of psoriasis dermatitis.

You can make use of cedarwood in the shower too. Add a few drops of cedarwood to your shampoo for shinier hair and treat your scalp to a massage with cedarwood essential oil. This earthy essential oil will take you to the outdoors within the four walls of your home.

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