Chamomile, Moroccan Blue Tansy


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The first thing people notice about this essential oil is its striking blue color which is closely followed by a sweet but earthy scent which is difficult to describe further except in one way – it smells incredible. Moroccan chamomile is also known as blue tansy essential oil. The vivid blue comes during distillation in which the blue tansy plant releases chamazulene.

Moroccan Chamomile’s primary use is in aromatherapy due to the high levels of sesquiterpenes found naturally-occurring in the plant. This terpene may have many beneficial properties to humans. The sweet scent does a great job at calming an anxious mind which has earned it the nickname of a “super soother.”

This essential oil is also a popular topical agent for a variety of skin irritations including rashes, allergic reactions, and burns. Be careful not to confuse blue tansy with tansy essential oils as tansy essential oils are much harsher compared to blue tansy.

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