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Clary sage is an excellent essential oil for the diffuser. Clary’s scent is described as woody, sweet, and herbaceous which will bring a natural clean scent to the home while at the same time doing double duty to calm stress and balance the mind. Clary sage earns its name from the Latin “clarus” which means clear – to give you an idea of its effects.

Clary is one of the key essential oils to have on hand to take care of the physical and hormonal stressors of the menstrual cycle. Clary essential oil can help calm cramping, increase circulation, help reduce hot flashes, and balance out the hormones in the body for alleviation of other typical PMS symptoms. Clary also brings many beneficial medicinal properties and can act as an antispasmodic, antidepressant, pain reliever, antibacterial, and can help clear the airwaves during cold and flu season.

Clary is a great starter oil to create your blend for the diffuser. Try pairing clary with bergamot and orange oils for a unique and mind-clearing scent.

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