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Frankincense serrata is the most ancient of the three most popular frankincense oil varieties and is believed to be the type of frankincense that was given to the infant Christ in the Holy Bible. Like other varieties of frankincense, serrata is non-toxic and non-irritating but is not recommended for topical applications. While frankincense carterii is the best oil for direct-to-skin application, frankincense serrata is one of the best varieties for the diffuser.

Frankincense serrata is loaded with monoterpenes like alpha thujene and alpha pinene which makes this essential oil a powerful decongestant and expectorant, not to mention its antiseptic properties can dash germs and bugs. If you’re looking for an essential oil for cold and flu season, frankincense serrata is perfect for both the diffuser and for sanitizing surfaces plus its scent will remove the stale “sick smell” from any room in your home. Frankincense serrata is less expensive than its other frankincense counterparts making it the “everyday” frankincense.

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