Jasmine, sambac ‘Night-blooming’ Jasmine


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The unique nocturnal bloom of this variety of jasmine has earned it the name “Queen of the Night.” Night-blooming jasmine essential oil is an oil rich in history. Originating in India, this oil has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties and is popular among Ayurvedic healers. The name ‘jasmine’ is derived from the Persian ‘Yasmin’ which translates to fragrant flower. Night-blooming Jasmine is one of the most expensive oils on the market because it takes approximately 8,000 peddles to extract 1 ml of oil.

The lively essential oil is utilized in modern times primarily for its unique and exotic scent. You can use this essential oil on the neck and wrists for a cruelty-free perfume and jasmine is always popular in aromatherapy. Try using some night-blooming jasmine essential oil in the diffuser next time you and your spouse get back from date night – jasmine is a popular aphrodisiac.

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