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Also known as lavender maillette. French lavender is the soft sweet scent highly recognized globally. This essential oil carries the scent that you’ve come to love in lavender, so expect a light, herbaceous, earthy, and lush bouquet that lets you and your senses know you’re dealing with lavender. Out of the two types of lavender essential oil, French lavender is more of an “everyday” essential oil and is more useful for direct-to-skin applications than a high altitude Lavender like Himalayan/Kashmir essential oils.

You can use French lavender essential oil in homemade creams, lotions, shampoos, and soaps to get the positive benefits of lavender without the harsh effects experienced by some.
Lavender is also legendary in the diffuser. Lavender’s depressant and relaxant properties have been utilized by cultures for years and lavender is the perfect scent to help you wind down at night.

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