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There’s a common phrase is eastern medicine, and that’s “When in doubt, use lavender,” and there aren’t many lavenders as potent and beneficial as Himalayan lavender. Lavender’s scent has been written about for centuries and is considered as herbaceous, sweet, floral, and layered.

Lavender has been demonstrated to heal the skin as first discovered by French scientist Rene Gattefosse after burning his hand in a laboratory accident. These properties make lavender perfect as a scent and active compound for any homemade intensive skin care lotions. Lavender is sensitive enough for use on children.

Himalayan lavender is one of the most popular sedative oils in the world. All you need to do is add several drops to your diffuser or inhale to feel daily anxiety melt away in lavender’s signature scent.

Want to impress house guests? Smear a couple of drops of Himalayan lavender on the inside of a dry wine glass before pouring for a whole new layer of flavor notes.

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