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The scent and crisp citrus tartness of lemon are unmistakable, and the essential oils of lemon make for a powerful oil in both the diffuser and for use in daily life.

Lemon in the Diffuser

Lemon’s crisp and sharp smell makes it the perfect oil for the diffuser to boost alertness. Simply mix lemon with a few earthy oils like sandalwood for a balanced fragrance that will increase focus all day long.

Lemon Around the House

Lemon’s antimicrobial properties make it a force to reckon with when it comes to everyday cleaning. You can make your household cleaner with the help of a few drops of lemon – it’s a grease killer too. Like all citrus, lemon is high in antioxidants and will work to kill free radicals in your skin that can cause damage over time.

Like other citrus, our lemon is pressed instead of steamed for essential oils however there’s no worry about pesticides since our oil comes from 100 percent organically grown lemons.

Disclaimer: This essential oil is photosensitive, which means it interacts with light. Using this oil at night time, covering up after using it, and following label instructions will help you avoid negative reactions. Use this oil at your own risk.

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