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Get the smells, positive benefits, and perks of the summery citrus all-year round with lime essential oil. This fruity essential oil packs citrus, sweet, and fresh notes – making it a perfect oil for the diffuser to bring fresh and clear thoughts to the forefront. Lime in the diffuser may also help boost your immune system, and a few direct inhalations of lime oil in boiling water can wake you up more effectively without side effects than a cup of black coffee.

Lime is a popular essential oil for cosmetic use, it’s photosensitive, and several of our customers have reported glowing skin and hair with a few drops of lime oil into their body wash or shampoo.

You can also use lime oil in the kitchen as both a flavoring and a household cleanser. Lime packs a punch against grease! Remember that lime essential oils are more potent even than lime juice concentrate – a couple of drops go a long way! Try lime oil for a unique cocktail twist that will have your friends talking; one drop is sufficient for a pitcher serving three to four people.

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