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The smell of orange is the smell of summer and the smell of cleanliness – both of which orange essential oil are perfect for. Like all citrus, orange essential oil contains many beneficial properties like antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. Orange oil is also one of the most versatile essential oils and can be utilized in the diffuser, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, even at your minibar. Orange oil is utilized daily in lotions, shampoos, balms, salves, aromatherapy, cocktails, cleaning agents and that’s not all.

Orange’s essential oil scent profile is not unlike the popular fruit itself and contains sweet, floral, fruity, and citrus notes. Orange oil in the diffuser will attack germs in the air and leave your home smelling citrusy fresh.

Disclaimer: This essential oil is photosensitive, which means it interacts with light. Using this oil at night time, covering up after using it, and following label instructions will help you avoid negative reactions. Use this oil at your own risk.

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