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Roses have been loved for their beauty and restorative properties for centuries. You can bring the essence of roses with you always with rose essential oil. Rose oil is popular in times of stress for its unique ability to calm the nerves by scent alone making it popular in aromatherapy. Studies have shown that inhaling the scent of rose can have anti-inflammatory effects so consider rose oil to melt both mental and physical stresses away. Absolute distillation preserves the raw scent of rose, which is why it is popular in many commercial fragrances and perfumes. Rose oil has been described as light and earthy.

If you need an all-around soothing oil to calm nerves and muscles, rose oil is a popular and effective oil to use. Try mixing rose oil with some of your other favorite scents for a homemade stress-free aromatherapy blend. Everyone deserves a bottle of this “Queen of oils” in their home.

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