Rosemary, cineol


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Rosemary is familiar to coastlines across the world and was known as the “dew of the sea” to Ancient Greek civilizations. While in the same family cineol rosemary does differ from rosemary verbenone. Cineol is mintier than rosemary verbenone and is considered “cooler,” though they both have the same stimulating effect on the mind.

This type of rosemary is also grown at higher elevations than its verbenone cousins which may contribute to a high camphor content. Essential oils with high camphor contents are useful in increasing circulation and awakening the mind. Rosemary verbenone is the better oil to use for direct applications to skin but use cineol rosemary for the diffuser for a more beneficial experience. This rosemary is also popular in the diffuser during cold and flu season as it can help open airwaves with its herbaceous and camphoraceous scent. Outfit your home with verbenone rosemary in the kitchen and cineol rosemary for the diffuser.

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