Tulsi, Holy Basil


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After the lotus, Tulsi is considered the most sacred plant in India and is worshipped in Hindu culture. Tulsi translated means “the incomparable one” and the plant has been used for centuries as both a tea and for its medicinal properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, Tulsi is known as “adaptogen” or a plant that can be used to counter the daily stresses of life.

Tulsi’s scent has been described as sweet, spicy, and though holy basil differs from the popular culinary ingredient sweet basil, they do have similar scents with Tulsi having a stronger mint and wood undertone.

Over its millennia of uses, Tulsi has been used for several medicinal applications both in tea and as an essential oil. Tulsi essential oil is antimicrobial and can be used to treat irritation from insect bites and may help treat ringworm. It pays to have a bottle of this holy oil in your medicine cabinet during cold and flu season as you can use Tulsi to treat the symptoms of seasonal sickness and is helpful as an expectorant and decongestant. Everyone deserves to have a bottle of this holy oil in their home.

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