If you need the motivation to get the day’s work done you should mix your uplifting blend of Amara essential oils. The uplifting blend is outfitted with essential oils that can open the pathways of your brain and lift you up despite waking up on the wrong side of the bed or being in a bad mood. Citrus oils contain many unique beneficial and unique properties among those being the ability to cause the release of neurotransmitters that can replace feelings of unease with positive, optimistic feelings.

Uplifting Ingredients

Blend essential oils. You can adjust the ratio of oils in the uplifting recipe until you find a blend that’s perfect for boosting your day.

You can use the uplifting blend in the diffuser, in the bath (careful if you have sensitive skin!) or even your lotions and balms. The uplifting blend is not overpowering and contains agreeable smells making it perfect for the office or work environment in addition to your home.

Disclaimer: This essential oil contains Lemon and Bergamot which are both photosensitive. This means they interact with light. Using this oil at night time, covering up after using it, and following label instructions will help you avoid negative reactions. Use this oil at your own risk.